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Establishing a business in Romania

Whether you are arriving in Romania for the first time, or running an established business, Parker Randall Romania has the expertise and experience to help your enterprise realise its potential. We provide a one-stop-shop for professional advice, so you don’t have to find a multitude of professional advisers - or maintain contact with them.

We will take you through the full range of trading entities, and help you find the right one. We explain in detail the taxation and legal issues that affect your business, clarifying any issues that arise from the tax treaties with your country of origin, and keeping in close contact with your professional advisers in your home country.

In addition to regular email contact, meetings can take place whenever and wherever it suits you, and we can set up conference calls when face to face contact is impossible. Finally we are there to help you understand all aspects of Romanian business life, so that your activities here are as successful as at home.

Should the need arise and you decide to expand into other countries, we will assist via our International network, Parker Randall International, to provide a similar service in whatever region of the world you may find yourself.

If you would like to find out more about this or any other of our international services, you can contact us.